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COPYRIGHT NOTE: This page provides links to sound files (.mp3 and .wav files, depicted with the symbol mp3), musical scores and stage scripts (.pdf files, depicted with the symbol pdf) which are all copyrighted by me. Private use of this copyrighted material is freely permitted (though without any explicit or implied warranty). Redistribution as well as public performance however requires the author's (i.e. my) written permission. Please contact me (see my contact page for contact information), if you want to redistribute or publicly perform my works.

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Exhibitions in 2009

group shows, unless otherwise noted

Further Group Shows in 2008

  • Poly Members Exhibition,
  • Stifterfest Hoepfner-Stiftung Karlsruhe,
  • Immobilien Laub Karlsruhe,
  • “was damit zusammenhängt” — Poly-Galerie im Atelierhaus Merkenicherstraße Köln.

Exhibition at UND #3 (2008)

UND #3 Elaboratorium

In February 2008, I performed my first arts exhibition in cooperation with Bettina Amann as participant of the arts initiative juxus elaboratorium.

Member of the “Poly-Galerie” (2008)

Poly Logo

Since January 2008, I am member of the Poly Produzentengalerie e.V., Karlsruhe.

Member of the band “Die Psydologen” (since 2007)

On New Year's Eve 2006, I performed my debut as a member of the only recently founded band “Die Psydologen”. Among other events, the band performed on the arts exhibition UND #2. The band's style of music (or rather performance) is almost impossible to describe in traditional terminology of music or arts. At least to tell, the overall style is highly experimental, it features the greatest amount of improvisation, and it contains stylistic elements from a range of genres covering not less than punk, rock, pop, jazz, and more.

Nacht der Informatik, Karlsruhe (2006): Presentation on SoundPaint


On the Nacht der Informatik, I once more presented the latest state of my SoundPaint project.

Marathon-Kampf (2005)

ChaosTheater Logo ChaosTheater Collage

In February 2005, the UniTheater performed a collage of small stage plays. For one of these plays, a story around the battle of Marathon, I wrote and produced some music. Go and listen to the Song of the Nymphs mp3 or the Vocalise of Athena mp3 .

289. Stadtgeburtstag Karlsruhe (2004): Workshop “Klingende Bilder”

Ortsschild Karlsruhe Titel Stadtgeburtstag 2004 Logo Stadtgeburtstag 2004

For the celebration of the 289th bithday of the city of Karlsruhe, I held a workshop on SoundPaint.

17. Europäische Kulturtage (2004): Kunstprozession

Logo Europäische Kulturtage       2004

I actively participated in the European Cultural Days 2004 in Karlsruhe in the framework of “Yol — Der Weg der Kunst”, conceived by and created under the conduction of Gerhard Wolfstieg. Part of my contribution to this project was a sound loop, which can be heard here mp3 .

SoundPaint (2003/2004)

SoundPaint logo

SoundPaint is a tool for creating sound collages by converting paintings into audio files. It is currently under heavy development; a first release is to be expected in spring 2004. It will be released as free software under GNU General Public License. [ More...]

On the 3rd International Linux Audio Conference (LAC2005) at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), I held a presentation on SoundPaint which can also be found in the proceedings of the conference.

MobiSong (2003)

Mobi Bus

In 2003, the “Mobile Spielaktion Karlsruhe” celebrated its 25th anniversary. Given the text and melody of a birthday song that the members of this institution already had created, I was asked to write and produce an orchestral arrangement of the song for them. The result can be heard here mp3 . You can view the (simplified) score of notes here pdf , including the German lyrics.

Klarinetten-Slapstick (2001)

“Klarinetten-Slapstick” is the title of a stage play without words that I conceived, wrote, rehearsed and performed for the University choir's Christmas celebration in 2001. It is about two clarinet players and performs in the setting of a restaurant or cafe. The two main characters fail to fulfill their task of playing a clarinet duo due to slapstick-like misfortune.

Here is the stage script (in German language) of the play: klarinetten-slapstick.pdf pdf

The play starts with a piano piece that is closely connected with the story of the play. The score is here: allegro_con_spirito.pdf pdf

Variations on the Happy Birthday Theme (1999)

In 1999, I was asked to write a small serenade for the 70th birthday of the president of the Badischer Sängerbund, Albrecht Münch. The result was a collection of small variations on the Happy Birthday theme for a capella choir. In the meantime, this work has been performed on various occasions.

Gregorian Chant for LilyPond (since 1999)

gregorian score       excerpt

Since 1999, from time to time I contribute patches for LilyPond, the GNU Music Typesetter. LilyPond is free software (released under the GNU General Public License) for typesetting musical scores and runs under many different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, and others). My current focus is on making LilyPond aware of typesetting Gregorian Chant, but I also contributed patches for different flavours of music notation (e.g. ambitus and cluster notation) as well as more general ones including general bug hunting. Gregorian Chant is still not fully functioning; most notably, the spacing between ligatures screws up. Still, basic support for ligatures itself in the style of the Liber hymnarius is now more or less working.

Die Chorprobe (1998)

This is a small stage play that I conceived together with a couple of members of the University's choir for the Christmas celebration in 1998. The setting is a choir's rehearsal. The play illustrates some absurdities of a rehearsal in a sarcastic manner.

[Coming soon.]

1848/49 (1998)


This is a sound collage that I created in 1998 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the “Badische Revolution” in 1848/49. For this purpose, I developed a small command line tool in Java for transforming paintings into sound collages. The capabilities of this tool were somewhat limited. It only supported grayscale images on the basis of a purely sinoidal synthesis. Moreover, the complexity of the command-line parameters quickly grew until the program became hardly to control. Therefore, in late 2003 I started a new try called SoundPaint. Still, I have here the sound collage and the images that I originally fed into the old program. The images serve quite well as an aural score. [ More...]

For a quick sound sample of the above image, click here mp3 .

Col ha olam culo (1997)

This is a small musical piece for six voices (SSATBB) that I noted down while sitting on the lawn of a small park above the harbour of Haifa during a visit to Israel with the University's choir on September 5th, 1997. The arrangement is based on a short tune that our tourist guide sang during our visit. The lyrics mean: “Life is like a bridge. The main thing is not to fear it.” I slightly modified the tune (not only to correct some obvious rhythmical and melodical mistakes through the aural tradition) and then wrote the essential parts of this small piece in the park mentioned. I slightly revised the arrangement on September 8th after returning back to Karlsruhe.

[Coming soon.]

Metrisches Gewitter (1995)

In 1995, I produced a short piece that stylizes the idea of a thunder storm into electronic music. This work abstracts from a natural thunder storm (instead of just imitating it) in mainly three aspects: (1) it uses regular, well-designed rhythmic patterns based on a 4/4 meter; (2) the piece was produced solely by tweaking the sounds of the standard rhythm set of a TG77 synthesizer; (3) the overall construction of the piece follows a strict formal pattern in assembling and disassembling the layers of sound. The result can be heard here mp3 .

Counterpoint Studies (1988-1994)

In the late 80s and early 90s, I wrote various small pieces to practice my counterpoint skills. One of these pieces is a Fuga in G major mp3 which I wrote on October 27th, 1994.

My Education in Arts

Education in Electronic Music

During 1993-1998, I created several small pieces in the field of electronic music at the Studio für elektronische Musik of the Universität Karlsruhe.

Education in Jazz

During 1984-1991, I took saxophone lessons. One of my lecturers was Peter Lerch, a member of the Starlight Express orchestra in Bochum. I regurlarly played in various local ensembles, among them the big band and jazz combo of the Musikschule des Rhein-Lahn-Kreises.

In the first week of June 1987, I participated as saxophonist in a Jazz Workshop with Peter Herbolzheimer. This workshop was hold in the context of the 10th anniversary of the Musikschule Kaiserslautern.

Peter and me (1) Peter and me (2)

Classical Instrumental Education

During 1982-1991, I took lessons in playing the clarinet at the Musikschule des Rhein-Lahn-Kreises with focus on interpreting classical instrumental music. I also participated in numerous instrumental performances, some of them under the supervision of Günther Obst, the father and teacher of the pianist and contemporary composer Michael Obst.

Vocal Education

As a member of the choir St. Martins-Chor Bad Ems, I took lessons in vocal education during 1979-1982. The lessons were mostly hold by lecturers from the Staatstheater Koblenz, among them Barbara Nöst and Edith Hartmann-Troppau. The choir was founded by Domkapellmeister Hans Bernhard and lateron conducted by Domkapellmeister Bernhard Weck, KMD Theo Schäfer, Domkantor Harald Schmitt, and others. The choir sucessfully participated in many demandful song contests, such as those of the Pueri Cantores.

In 1982, I performed and interpreted the piece “Marienwürmchen” (from Des Knaben Wunderhorn) by Robert Schumann (Op. 79, No. 13) in a classical concert — my first performance on stage as soloist.

me as soloist in 1982

In the same year ( 1982), I also participated in a performance of Robert Schumann's “Szenen aus Faust” as a leading soprano voice in the Konzertchor Darmstadt under supervision of Wolfgang Seeliger, a student of Leonard Bernstein.

I joined various vocal ensembles after 1992, among them again the Konzertchor Darmstadt in 1999, Vokalensemble Cantus Solis, Karlsruhe and the Kammerchor der Universität Karlsruhe.