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Links on Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Legal notes:

This page contains links to websites that I personally found useful or interesting with respect to my own work. The links provided here are for solely informational purpose. Unless explicitly stated, I am neither responsable for nor do I have control over the contents of these websites. In case you find that any of these websites violates existing law, please drop me a note and I will remove the annoying link.



Configuration Management Frequently Asked Questions
Configuration Management Tools Summary
Problem Management Tools Summary

Other Sites about SCM

Software Configuration Management (SCM)
SEinfo: Configuration Management
SCM - Links
Brad Appleton's Software Configuration Management Links
The ACME Project - SCM Reading Recommendations
The CM Bubbles
Configuration Management Today
Configuration Management Yellow Pages
WebDAV Resources
IETF DELTA-V Working Group Home Page


Configuration Management Bibliography

Conferences, Workshops, Proceedings

Sixth International Workshop on Software Configuration Management
8th International Symposium on System Configuration Management (SCM-8)
SCM-9 Call for Papers
12th International Workshop on Software Configuration Management (SCM-12 2005)

Selected Publications from Various Authors (unsorted)

Distributed Configuration Management via Java and the World Wide Web
DC MetaData for: High Level Process Modeling for SCM Systems
Draft: High-level Best Practices in SCM
Publications of Bernhard Westfechtel
Andreas Zeller's Resume
Software Configuration Management by MIL-STD-498

SCM Tools

Revision Control System (RCS)
Concurrent Version System (CVS)
Revision Control Engine (RCE)
Perforce SCM System
Git -- Fast Version Control System
Subversion (SVN)

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