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Software Projects

My own Software Projects

This section lists some of my own software projects as well as other people's software projects that I am contributing to.

SoundPaint logo


SoundPaint is a tool for creating sound collages by converting colored paintings into audio files. SoundPaint supersedes its ancestor ImageSound. SoundPaint is hosted on a web site of its own, see



ImageSound is a small set of command-line software tools written in the Java language. I designed and implemented ImageSound in 1998 to produce sound collages from black/white images.

Note: Development on ImageSound has been abandoned in favour of the new GUI application SoundPaint that also features processing of colored images.



Syn G r a p h is a software tool for capturing and visualizing data on object-color mappings in the field of graphemic synaesthesia. Object-color mappings can be interactively entered into the software through its graphical user interface; the resulting diagrams can be viewed on screen, printed to paper as well as permanently stored on disk.

The SynGraph project is hosted on the website.

Software Projects that I am or was Contributing to

This section lists a selection of other people"s software projects that I am or was contributing to.

LilyPond logo


LilyPond is a music typesetting program initiated by that prints music in the best traditions of classical engraving with minimum fuss. See

JavaParty logo


JavaParty allows easy port of multi-threaded Java programs to distributed environments such as clusters. Regular Java already supports parallel applications with threads and synchronization mechanisms. While multi-threaded Java programs are limited to a single address space, JavaParty extends the capabilities of Java to distributed computing environments. See